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Unveiling the Magic of Earl Grey Tea: Discover the Aromatic Blend of Black Tea & Bergamot Oil

You’ve heard the saying-Life is a Cup of Tea! Well, wouldn’t you know it, you’ve come to the right place to sip the life you’ve always wanted but never had the time to click the button to do so. 

Now follow us here on this short journey when life used to be simple, ask yourself this question first? Are you looking for a tea that's both comforting and sophisticated? 🤔If you checked off the box,  do we have a story to tell you about this tea guy called Earl Grey.

Without further ado, we introduce to you,( I know you’re asking why not world, well it would take too long, but feel free to share it with everyone you know around the world), as I was saying,  Earl Grey! Earl Gey Tea is a classic blend of black tea and bergamot oil with a rich, aromatic flavor. This tea has a unique history, said to have been gifted to Charles Grey - a British diplomat - after he saved the life of a Lord. 🤩Wow, only if more people can emulate Earl Grey today.

Oh SNAP! Did you know we’re offering a free sample tasting set of 3 teas from around the world for you to experience the true essence of Early Grey! Tell me more you say? Absolutely my Lord. 📦By any tea for over $80 we delete that nasty word shipping cost, it’s our Earl Grey to you plus we throw in a a free sample tasting set of 3 teas from around the world for you to try

Get yours now and make every day a cup of Earl Grey! #Lifeisacupoftea

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