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How much tea (volume) is 1 ounce of loose leaf tea?

The volume of the loose leaf will vary, depending on the type of tea you are interested in. Some teas are denser than others. Dense teas which are finely chopped or rolled, like rooibos, cochin masala chai, and pinhead gunpowder, will measure about 1/3 cup volume per ounce purchased. Most teas, like English Breakfast, Sencha, and Throat Therapy are less dense and yield about 1/2 a cup of loose leaf. Some teas, especially herbals, like chamomile and mint tisanes, are very light-weight, yielding a whole cup of loose leaf--more bang for your buck!

How many cups of tea can I get from 1 ounce of loose leaf tea?

You can usually get between 6-8 cups of tea from 1 ounce of loose leaf, using an 8 ounce mug.

Are there instructions for how to brew my tea?

We provide brewing instructions on all of our tea pouches and tins. The brewing instructions will vary slightly depending on what kind of tea(s) you purchase. White and green teas generally require a shorter brewing time and lower temperature water than black and herbal teas. Refer to the instructions on the product for specific brewing instructions. You can also refer to the information in the next FAQ question about water temperature and brewing time.

What water temperature should I use to brew my tea and how long should I steep it?

We simplify brewing instructions on our products by recommending either "boiling water" or "almost boiling water," depending on the tea in question. For black teas, oolong teas, and herbal tisanes we recommend boiling water, whereas for white and green teas we advise almost boiling water. If teas are steeped with too high a temperature and/or for too long, the brew runs the risk of tasting bitter. Refer to the table below for more specific advice for brewing the perfect cup of tea!

Tea Type  Water Temp Steeping Time
White Tea 175-185F 1-3 minutes
Green Tea 180-185F 3 minutes
Oolong Tea 185-206F 3-5 minutes
Black Tea 206F 3-5 minutes
Herbal Tisanes 206F 5-10 minutes 

Which teas have caffeine and which are caffeine-free?

Any traditional tea, made from the leaf of the camellia sinensis bush, naturally has caffeine. That includes, black tea, oolong tea, green tea, yellow tea, and white tea. Due to time of harvest and processing, some teas have more caffeine than others. The caffeine rendered in your cup will also be affected by how long you steep your tea--less time, less caffeine. 

Our decaffeinated black and green teas have had most of the caffeine removed, though trace amounts remain, which may be significant for those with acute caffeine sensitivities.

Our caffeine-free selection includes all rooibos-based teas and our herbal tea section, with the exception of a few of our wellness blends containing tea leaves. For more information, refer to the next FAQ questions for a table comparing caffeine levels in different beverages. 

How much caffeine does tea have in it?

Beverage (8 oz)  Caffeine (mg)
White Tea 30-55 mg
Green Tea 35-70 mg 
Oolong Tea 50-75 mg
Black Tea 60-90 mg
Brewed Coffee 150-200 mg

What are Yerba Mate and Guayusa tea alternatives?

Guayusa is native to the Amazon Rainforest, making it very popular in countries like Ecuador, Peru, and southern Colombia. Yerba Mate has been grown and popularized in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil. These plants are different than the traditional tea from the camellia sinensis bush, but still rich in caffeine and cultural heritage.

Can I order online and pick up at your store in Hudson, NY?

Yes! Just select Pick Up when choosing your delivery option and you will be notified when your order is ready to be picked up.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated automatically at checkout when you enter your address. We use USPS Priority Mail for all deliveries. Any orders above $80 receive free shipping in the US.

How long does shipping take?

The length of shipping will depend on your location. It is usually between 1 to 3 business days after you place your order.
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