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Supporting Local Producers

Honey from Ray Tousey
Our friend Ray, a Germantown resident, is the proud owner of more than 100 beehives. His responsibilities range not only to bottling the delicious local honey, but providing hives to more than 80% of the Hudson Valley's farms. Millions of bees are busy pollinating crops right now - and making honey in the process. Without his bees doing the work, the farms wouldn't flourish. As Ray say, "It's a giant circle: my bees pollinate area crops, then fly back here to deposit nectar in my hives. I bottle the honey and they go back to pollinating." We offer Raw Honey that retains all of its natural medicinal properties and Creamed Honey - naturally 'seeded' with honey crystals to make it more spreadable. Both are 100% natural - Hudson Valley pure.
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